Sarah-Marie Interior Designs is a small design company with full-scale capabilities. With work being done all over the lower mainland, she is known for her timeless approach and detail oriented manner.

Through the use of space planning, materials and finishes, she is continually creating sustainable and creative spaces which reflects ones personal desires and lifestyle all the while integrating today’s latest trends with functionality.

Sarah-Marie founded her company in 2010. She felt the world of design had become stagnant and habitual. Her vision was to create a company that forced people to step outside of their comfort zone and to celebrate their individuality by expanding their design horizons and introducing them to new concepts which they may not have otherwise considered.

Geneviève Love

Geneviève has always been surrounded by the arts and has dedicated her life to continuing in the field. Growing up, home renovation shows came before cartoons and her high school and university careers were devoted to her first love of music. After experiencing so much beauty around the world and living abroad in Europe, it was standing next to the aging architecture in Dublin, Ireland that drew her to a career in Interior Design.

Design is something that comes into every aspect of life and creating a space you love can make such a difference in your day to day. For her, mixing the old and the new with small tokens from each adventure in your life are what give a space a voice. Every piece comes together to create just the right amount of chaos or peace, whichever you prefer. Geneviève is a true home-body at heart, so naturally she’s focused her passion for cuddling up on the sofa to create spaces for clients where they can express themselves, find balance and truly call home.

Jackie Taggart

Jackie has always had a creative outlook on not only her career but life in general. Growing up in a household that was constantly renovating, she found herself submerged into the world of construction and design at an early age. Very soon after graduating from both BCIT & La Salle College she entered into the design field. Focusing mainly on single family homes, Jackie loves to push her clients outside the box and explore new innovative approaches to their spaces.

Living in Vancouver her whole life, she has grown to love the West Coast look as well as incorporating hints of eclectic and funky materials into her clients homes. Her favourite part of the design process has always been taking the initial space planning steps. Creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also flow and function seamlessly has always shown though in her projects. Jackie’s goal is to make her clients feel heard as well as turning their wants and needs into reality!